Now accept UPI payments

using PayTM, PhonePe,

WhatsApp or any banking App

Accept payments via UPI and get paid instantly.

What's interesting is, you get onboarded instantly by just downloading our App and creating your profile.

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Enable UPI payments via apps like BHIM, PhonePe, WhatsApp, etc. by updating to our latest Android App.

Checkout using UPI

Within Checkout process, accepting UPI payments is as simple as 1-2-3.

Customer will have to type-in UPI PIN and the payment is done.

The most beautiful part of this payment channel is that, it does not cost to own a QR code, and payment is instant to merchant.

Benefits of UPI

For Merchants

Large pool of customers

Tap customers without credit or debit cards. More than 50 million customers use UPI.

Safe and secure transactions

No hassle of signatures. No hassle of receipts. No risk of storing customers’ virtual address like in cards.

Low cost payment

UPI is a low-cost method as compared to other modes of funds transfer.

24x7 Transactions

Accept payments anytime through Paymonk UPI app.

For Payee

More Secure

Customers share only their virtual address and no other sensitive information.

One Click 2 FA

Transactions are authorized by entering the correct PIN.


Can be used for split sharing with cash on delivery, merchant payments and remittances.


Payment request can be generated 24x7 on the web or on an authorized mobile interface (app).




Download and Install Paymonk UPI app from Google Play

Click On SIGN UP & Enter Your Mobile Number





Enter OTP Received On your Mobile Number & Click On Validate Now

Now Fill Your Personal Details & Click Next





Now Fill Your Store Details & Click Next

Fill Your Bank A/C Details & Click Next





You Will Get a Success Message Requesting
Do You have any Printed QR Code? Click On Request Now

You are Successfully Registered and New QR code assigned. Check your assigned QR code in Payment QR code section. Your account is now registered and ready to use.



What is UPI?

The Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is like an email ID for your payments. it'll be a unique identifier that your bank uses to transfer money and create payments using the IMPS (Immediate Payments Service). IMPS is quicker than NEFT and helps you to transfer money instantly and unlike NEFT, it works 24×7. this means that online payments can become much easier without requiring a digital wallet or credit or debit card.

How Does UPI Work?

The interface will permit account holders across banks to send and receive money from their smartphones using simply their Aadhaar unique identity number, mobile phone number or virtual payments address without getting into bank account details.

How secure is UPI?

The security is fool-proof because the transaction can happen in an extremely encrypted format. Already NPCI’s IMPS network handles over Rs.8,000 crore value of transactions daily, which can exponentially increase with the utilization of mobile phones.

2 Factor authentication – similar to OTP will be there as it is mandated by RBI. In this case, MPIN instead of OTP will be used.